The Members Club

Epiphany Rejuvenation Sanctuary provides a monthly membership service as a thankyou for commiting to us and yourself for your wellness needs.

We do not charge you a membership fee. 

Often membership fees disguise the "real" price of the treatment. For example, some Massage Establishments say you get your massage for $39, well you do if you have a membership that will cost you $21 a month. The $39 treatment, which is really now $60 is also 50 minutes in length, (the so called "Professional Treatment Time") not such a great deal afterall. If you receive more than one massage a month then it is more valuable as you would get your second massage for $39, again though keep in mind the 50 minute treatment, and do you really use it more than once a month? Now add your gratuity and your up to $75/$80 for your first massage a month and $55/$60 for your second massage.

Also, unless you know your therapist and reschedule with that therapist every time, you never know what your going to get. All of our Epiphany Certified Therapists are experts in their field and are personally trained by Natasha Crow our Founder in our In Spa Apprentice Certifciation. We do not charge extra for essential oils, hot stones or steam towels, ever. Many "Memberships" and spas charge at least $20 extra for hot stones, but you do not get additional time. So not only do you get charged an extra $20 for the stones, but they also take that off your hands on massage time and charge you for it! 

The benefits of being a Member of The Club are:

A $10 discount on your choice of a One Hour Aromatherapy Massage with Hot Stones, a One Hour Custom Facial Treatment, a One Hour Spa Body Scrub or Spa Body wrap or select a Spa Ritual Manicure & Spa Ritual Pedicure treatment every month with our fabulous therapists.

These treatments provide you with the Excellence You Deserve Every Time, which always includes delicious, organic non - toxic products to nourish & protect you.

No extra fee for Steam Towels, Essential oils, Hot Stones, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuro Muscular Therapy

An hour and a half time slot is appointed for you to discuss your treatment needs. You are never rushed, so you can take your time when you arrive and before you leave  10% off all other treatments scheduled that month for you and two gift certificates for friends or family per year

Early morning & late evening appointments for emergencies are available for you.

Members monthly 10% discount may be used for guests from out of town, since our Introductory Fees are not available to out of town guests

Early morning appointments and evening appointments to accomodate your scheduleIf you wish to receive monthly manicures and pedicures, but want to receive a massage and facial also, you can!

The bonus is - your $70 membership fee (service value $80) will take care of your Aromatherapy Massage or Purest Facial On Earth and you will receive 10% off any other services for yourself, which means you will pay only $72 for your massage or facial or $40.50 for our Spa Ritual Pedicure or $22.50 for our Spa Ritual Manicure. 

You will also enjoy VIP perks, such as invitation only to Special Events & Treatment upgrades. 

Samples and free gifts from our vendors regularly 

Exclusive discounts for On Location Treatments and House Calls for you or as a gift for a friend or family member You can gift any treatments that you bank to friends and family members

VIP Perks when you schedule a Spa Party

A credit card is required for your monthly membership fee of $79 to be obtained, other than that there is nothing to sign and you may cancel your membership at any time. You can schedule your monthly appointments ahead of time for your convenience and you never have to worry about check can just float home. You can bank treatments if you do not wish to use them. We can also add gratuity to your credit card if it makes life easier for you!

We can assure you, there is no membership anywhere for any price, that offers the quality and benefits we do. Your patronage allows us to do what we love. We appreciate you and that's why every client at Epiphany is treated exquisitely. As a member your are simply spoiled! Please speak with Spa Front Desk to find out how you can become a member and schedule your journey to Wellness...