About Us



My name is Natasha Crow, I am the founder of Epiphany Rejuvenation Sanctuary. I live in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, where our fabulous team of Skincare Therapists offer the most exquisite Natural Skincare, MedSpa Skin Treatments and Spa Body Treatments.

I was born in Hereford, England. I spent most of my life in the Port City of Exeter. When I was nineteen I immigrated to the United States. I was fortunate to work with my Dad at his antique business, www.stevenpostansantiques.com. My Dad helped me to have my own shop, The English Furniture Company.

Although I loved the antique and interior design business, I longed to study Natural Health. Several years ago I was blending some essential oils and I wondered why this hobby gave me so much joy? I remembered when I was younger, walking down the "lane" as my Auntie Queenie calls it, looking for flowers, or plants that I could take home. I remember it so well. I wanted to look for their medicinal value and see how they could improve health. I had no idea what would drive me to write pages and pages of medicinal benefits for plants, I was 10 years old! I started my journey searching book shop sales for herb and essential oil books, still do!   


I now know it is that same feeling, that same drive and connection to the earth that motivates me to seek spa treatments that help people feel better. I am in awe of nature, it is absolutely the most perfect and beautiful creation. I have been fascinated by health, natural remedies and the body itself for as long as I can remember.

So I decided to go back to college in 2004 and I graduated with honors from Florida College of Natural Health in Sarasota, Florida. I earned a Degree along with Massage & Skincare Certification. I had previously gone to Esthetics school in England and then I returned to Esthetics school here and was licensed in 2004. I have learned many different types of massage therapy and recieved certifications from Thai massage to Trigger Point and hot stones. I added Natural Nail Care Services to my repertoire because there is such a demand for good, safe and sanitary, non - toxic nail care. I now focus solely on Skinacre and Research and Development for our Filler Free Skincare Line House of Hilt, in our Boutique Lab right here in Sarasota!

In 2010 I started teaching Advanced skin care and for a while I was the Education Manager at Florida College of Natural Health. What a wonderful experience that was! I look forward to sharing our Skincare Teqniques with more Estheticians in the future and continuing to build a Dream Team of Talented Therapists.


Epiphany Rejuvenation Sanctuary was born and inspired by the ever so interesting chain of events we call "life" that lead me to "my path"...Follow your dreams....they do come true.    

In my practice, I've become known for a healing and compassionate touch, while nourishing the skin with certified organic, non - toxic lotions, potions and essential oils. I am on an endless search of the world to find 100% vegan, and non - toxic products that use recycled packaging materials and vegetable inks. I choose companies that give back to their communities and the world whenever possible. Sharing compassion with those in need, nature and our animal kingdom is my driving force.    

People often ask me if the products I use are hypoallergenic and I tell them they are FAR beyond hypo allergenic, with (GC/MS) tested essential oils they are the purest ingredients available and they also offer results! Some natural products are quite lovely, but they don't create change that is visible, and visible change is what people want in this day and age. They want to look younger and more beautiful!  The majority of the products I use contain organic, raw, fresh fruits, herbs and essential oils that feed your skin because they are almost 100% active, meaning there are no fillers or ingredients that don't work, like the majority of the products out there. They have been provided for us by nature, it's quite simple!   

I am very lucky to have found a beautful team of therpaists that have completed our In Spa Apprentice Certification, where your care and comfort is our top priority. We are committed to excellence and provide gracious service. Our clients have told us they call us exclusively for a number of reasons, our dedication, honesty and compassion.   

We also offer exceptionally relaxing Treatments, which is paramount, while providing treatments that work! In addition, we are able to develop a customized program for your skin, that is not only affordable, but that safely approaches your health and lifestyle concerns. Importantly, we try to be as flexible as possible and schedule your session with a time and location that is best for you.

We are honored to provide you with "The Excellence You Deserve,"   

Natasha Crow, Founder