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Sanctuary Delights

Introductory Offer For Our New Clients (Select one of the services below for your first visit)


The Purest Facial on Earth                               $50    (60 minutes)
Spa Ritual Pedicure                                            $40    (60 minutes)
Aromatherapy Massage $50    (60 minutes)
BONUS! These special introductory rates may also be used to purchase a gift certificate for a friend or family member if they have not visited Epiphany before   


Signature Treatments
Epiphany Signature Massage                                     
See Our Treatments page for details

60 minutes $80

90 minutes $110

Spa Body Scrub or Wrap                                   
See choices below & Our Treatments page

60 minutes $105

90 minutes $135

The Purest Facial on Earth                                
See Our Treatments page for details                        
$85 60 minutes
Teen Facial Treatment                                      
See Our Treatmens page for details

50 minutes $65

with a $20 product credit

Epiphany Signature Facial Treatment            
See Our Treatments page for details
Epiphany "Best of Both"  
See Our Treatments page for details                                
90 minutes $125

Epiphany Express                                                       90 minutes $140

We would love you to relax, but know that some of you are just always in a hurry! For you we created the Epiphany Express. Your bliss detailing starts with The Maintenance Facial (see the Journeys Menu above for details). Relax into our Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage, pick your hot spots (30 minutes, see the A La Carte Menu below for details) and wakey, wakey Twinkle Toes, your feet are polished to perfection. (see the Natural Nails Menu below for details). Batteries are charged and you look dashing!

Lunchtime Lullaby                                                      30 minutes (See our A La Carte Menu for pricing)

Shhh...Our little secret, pop in on your lunch break for an Anti-Aging Resurfacing Treatment or take a "load off" during our Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage. Need a little grooming? Your skin will look amazing after our Maintenance Facial Treatment. Detox and glow with our Ayurvedic Dry Brush Massage or treat your feet to our Silky Sole Treatment. Hard working hands deserve to Turn back time with our Hand Treatment and the ulitmate pick me up our Thai Foot Bath. Want lush lashes everyday, take advantage of our popular  Eye Lash Tint and while your at it we can clean up with our natural Facial Waxing or a Polish Change.

Sanctuary Specialties

The Purest Facial on Earth (see menu for details) 60 minutes $85

Oxygen Facial "Detox & Firm" Treatment                            60 minutes       $95
Using our Signature Blend of warm & spice this active facial assists the skin's oxygen intake thereby stimulating cellular repair and metabolism. It helps to detoxify and even the complexion, the perfect treatment for blemished, mature, or hyper pigmented skin. Try it! You'll be amazed at the results.  

Home of "The WOW Facial"                                  90 minutes                  $150

Pre ~ Natal Massage (includes Peppermint Foot Treatment)    60 minutes                  $95

Ashiatsu Massage                                                   90 Minutes                  $135

Sports Masssage                                                     90 Minutes                  $125

Thai Herbal Poultice Massage                                 90 minutes                  $140
A traditional blend of herbs, wrapped in a beautiful compress, delivers a unique full body massage. Deeply relaxing this exotic treatment from Thailand soothes weary muscles, while ginger warms and increases circulation, infusions of lemongrass are detoxifying and nourishing for your skin. You will savor this journey to paradise.

Table Thai Massage                                                  90 minutes                  $135

Bamboo Massage                                                     60 minutes                  $95/90 minutes $125

Champagne Couples Massage

(advanced booking required)                      60 minutes $175/90 minutes $220

(with Champagene, chocoloates & roses) 60 minutes $235/90 minutes $295

(with chocolates & roses)                            60 min $185/90 minutes $245

Rose petals adorn the ground as you and your loved one lay side by side in our candlelit couples suite, or location of your choice. This romantic getaway will be a journey you will always remember together. A beginning or end to a beautiful day. Immerse yourselves and then relish in the luxury of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

Four Hands Massage                                   60 minutes                 $160
This unique treatment is a must for all massage connoisseurs. With Thai and Indian roots, this spa treatment is something you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. We know we enjoy two hands massaging us, but how about four! Euphoria will be yours as four gifted hands compose this massage performance simultaneously while moving in perfect harmony over your body. 

Specialized Rejuvenating Skin Care Treatments

Specialized Resurfacing Treatments (45 minutes)             Single $85           Series of 3  $235 (save $20)
Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes with alpha & beta hydroxy acids from quality sources, are natural alternatives to toxic chemical peels. They are successfully used for refining pores, softening wrinkles, fading scars, tightening the skin, and brightening.

Total Eclipse Facial Infusion                                               Single $50       Series of 3 $130 (save $20)

An acupressure infusion of the most powerful essential oils, blended with Integrity for acne, rosacea, aging and dry skin. Signature to Epiphany we utilize our one of a kind blending process to deliver an elixir of essential oils based on Intuition & Science = Intuence. A relaxing ceremonious anointment following any of our Resurfacing Treatments that will Totally Eclipse your skin.

Established clients only. Book a complimentary consult, to take it to the next level!

DermaPlane & Peel 60 minutes $125

DermaFile & Peel 60 minutes $175 Series of 3 $495 (save $30)

PCA or Sanitas Modified Jessner Peel     $125 Series of 3 $345 (save $30)

PCA Treatment Peel & Solutions              $150 Series of 3 $375 (save $75)

Hungarian Facelift Massage                      $85  Series of 5 $375  (save $50)


Body Treatments    

Raindrop Massage 60 minutes $110  minutes/$140 90 minutes

Dry Brush Massage                                        30 minutes                 $45
Tune your body into balance while exfoliating and detoxing your skin with this ancient Ayurvedic therapy. Finished with warm sesame oil and precious Frankincense to nourish and regenerate. A lovely addition to any of our Spa Body Treatments, Facial Treatments or Massages.

Bacial...A Facial on Your Back!                      60 minutes                 $80
A deep herbal steam cleanse (extractions if required) with a Himalayan Salt Exfoliation. Loaded with 84 different minerals this infusion of salts is sure to leave your back sparkling! A Hot Stone Infusion of Lemon and Lime Essential Oils refreshes and rejuvenates, while a trigger point massage renews & restores. Men love this treatment!

Lemon Sugar Glow                                        60 minutes                 $95/90 minutes $135
Gently refine and brighten your skin. Stimulates & detoxifies, leaving a ravishing glow. Our Salt scrubs are a wonderful addition to our Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage.

Sensational Salt Body Scrub                          60 minutes                 $95/90 minutes $135
This custom 
salt rejuvenation experience allows you to select an essential oil and salt of your choice. Himalayan or French Sea salt leaves your skin silky smooth with your mind at ease

Chocolate Truffle Body Cocoon                      60 minutes                 $105/90 minutes $135
Chocolate so smoothe it melts like velvet, infusing your skin with antioxidants & collagen boosting cocoa. The spirit is calmed as you float between the layers of heaven and earth. 

Lavender Mint Hibernation Wrap                    60 minutes                 $105/90 minutes $135
Mint invigorates the mind while lavender tones & purifies, relish in this hydrating cocktail. Cooling and warming your body gently vibrates as you slow dance between the ether's.

Select a Body Scrub & a wrap, combine them for the Ultimate Body Ritual   120 minutes    $220

*Spa Tip* Pair one of our body scrubs with our 60 minute massage for a 90 minute spa treatment that is divine! $135  


A la Carte Additions to Facial or Body Treatments

Resurfacing Treatment                                    30 minutes                 $50
Choose from an organic Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, Papaya & Pineapple Peel or Blueberry Detox Firming Peel 

Thai Herbal Facial Balls                                  20 minutes                 $30
A divine enhancement to any of our 1 hour face or body treatments, t
hese warm compresses plump and firm leaving you with a radiant glow 

Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage                  30 minutes                 $50
Just when you thought it was over! Like icing on a cake, these smooth Basalt River Rocks invoke a deep
relaxation during your massage....bringing you closer to center with your true self                                                                       

Sleepy Time                                                     20 minutes                 $35
Just when you thought it was over....Your feet are anointed with the most precious
oil of Frankincense while you will be wrapped snug as a bug in the finest fabrics. Drift off into your healing "massage sleep"....yum.

Turn Back the Hands of Time                           30 minutes                 $50
A unique anti-aging treatment for the hands. This treatment utilizes glycolic acid to slough off dead skin cells while brightening the skin on the tops of the hands. A Frankincense hibernation wrap is sure to do the trick and turn back the hands of time by repairing and restoring youthful looking hands.

Thai Ritual Foot Bath                                        30 minutes                $50

A divine soak awaits, your highness. Soak in a tropical blend of warm coconut milk & pineapple. The milk caresses your legs & feet, and the pineapple exfoliates, leaving your feet pampered and polished to perfection. A Balinese Flower Oil and Shea butter massage, smooths your skin to silky smooth perfection. A truly beautiful ritual. 

Silky Sole Foot Treatment                                30 minutes                 $50
Our Signature ShaiCoco Butter Balm blended with Epsom Salts, French Sea Salt & Himalayan Pink Salt will pamper your "soles" and buff your heels. Natasha's favorite potion to smooth, nourish and protect your hard working feet. Cucumber infused Steam Towels and Essential oils of lemon and peppermint sooth and refresh tired feet. A lovely pairing of Reflexology and Thai foot massage will have you drifting off...

Heavenly Feet & Head Massage                       30 minutes                  $50
Yummy...both of your favorite things! This healing head massage refreshes your whole body, while our rose infused coco balm stimulates reflex points to balance your whole Self. A new you will emerge....

Aromatherapy Head Massage                          30 minutes                 $50
French lavender & mandarin oil nourish your hair, while this aromatherapy head massage invokes a deep relaxation. Head massage stimulates hair growth and enhances mental focus. An intoxicating therapy that enhances our connection to ourselves, taking relaxation to another level.

Raindrop Treatment $45

OrthoEase Deep Muscle Ointment $25

Pure Fiji Guava or Pineapple Oil $25

Au Natural Jungle Blossom Body Oil $25



Eco Fin                                                             20 Minutes $35

Slip your hands and feet into our herbal mitts filled with a warm aromatic paraffin alternative. A rich blend of palm, soy, jojoba and organic coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E and essential oils. Delivers rich moisture that leaves the skin soft and supple. A gentle and firm pressure to the energetic reflex points in your hands and feet instantly relax. Say good bye to cracked heels and hands! Eco - Fin feeds your skin and gives long lasting results.

Rejuvenating Eye or Lip Treatment                  15 minutes                 $35
A Citrus Lip exfoliation, a Lemon shea butter Masque and Citrus Lip Balm leave your lips plump and smooth while our one of a kind Naseberry Eye Treatment exfoliates the often neglected delicate skin around the eye. Lymph drainage helps to relieve puffy eyes and dark circles, while our plum eye treatment detoxifies and encourages circulation to brighten the eyes

Natural Waxing                                                  20 minutes                 $15 & up
Lip, chin or brow (Pricing adjusted to clients specific needs)

Natural Eye Lash Tinting                                    20 minutes                 $25
Wake up with lush lashes everyday! Vegetable color lasts 4 ~ 6 weeks


Natural Nail Care

Lolablue Spa Pedicure                                             60 minutes                 $45
What a gift Lolablue is to us! For the Enlightened Consumer the offering is decadent...Vegan nail elixirs & lacquers Free of DBP, Formaldehyde, Toluene & toxic odor. Our Lolablue Aromatherapy Pedicure is designed to treat, maintain and enchance the nails natural state. Soak in our CitrusTini cocktail of fresh lemons and limes. Delivering all the results you crave, like silky soles, cute cuticles, an abundance of massage, hot stones, finished to perfection with the safety you deserve. You will experience a pedicure unlike any other, our unique approach will give you peace of mind and address any concerns you have...your feet will look & feel lovely!

Epiphany Signature Pedicure                             60 minutes                 $55
Your selection of Coconut Lime or Cucumber peppermint, this amazing pedicure is the talk of the town!
A relaxing Pressure Point Treatment & The Ultimate Pedicure rolled into one, this treatment will not only have your toes in tip top shape, your cocooned feet will float with you on a journey to a tranquil place so you may reflect and renew.

Callus Treatment 45 minutes $55 or add to a pedicure for 20 minutes $30

Bamboo Lemongrass Spa Pedicure $65 

Lolablue Spa Manicure                                             45 minutes                 $25/$18 Mini Mani. 30 minutes
A fine, yet gentle detailing of your nails and cuticles begins with a blooming bath of mandarin and a delightful selection of salts, oils and mists to nourish your skin and pamper your soul. Healing essential oils of Jasmin, Ginger, Frankincense & Geranium will envelop your hands, while they are massaged and polished to perfection.     

Epiphany Signature Manicure                             60 minutes                 $50
Your choice of Mandarin Lime or Lemon Mint.
Relax...Recline....Receive, while your snug as a bug your hands and arms will visit pure bliss. All the fabulousness of our SpaRitual Manicure with a arm and hand soothing nnd hydrating treatment .This manicure is a Spa treatment of it's own. Lemon & Mint Infused Steam Towels refresh, now that's what I call a manicure!

Twinkle Toes                                                      30 minutes                 $35

I need a pedicure and a facial and a massage, but I don't have time! We aim to please, so we created this Nail Maintenace treatment just for you. In a twinkle your tootsies will look fabulous. Trimmed and shaped lovely, cute cuticles and polished to perfection. Buffed beautifully your feet will rest well soaking up our ShaiCoca Butter Balm! 

The Original Shellac by CND $40 (incl. manicure) 

Healthy Shellac Removal $15 (with Spa Manicure or Pedicure only) 

Polish Refresher $15   French Polish (no extra)    Nail Art $5

Callus Treatment $30 (adds an additional 20 minutes to pedicure)


Spa Voyages

Retreat...                                                             3 1/2 Hours  $190 (save $20)

Our most popular Voyage includes all the essentials in a Spa Bouquet Getaway. Our Aromatherapy Massage with lemon infused steam towels, liquefies your mind as you ascend to the ether's. Like magic The Maintenance Facial restores your glory, while our decadent Lolablue Spa Pedicure intoxicates. Pampered and polished to perfection, there's nothing petite about this retreat! Lunch not included available.

King or Queen for the Day...                             5 1/2 Hours   $345 (save $20)

Want more, on your way to becoming a spa connoisseur and think you have experienced it all? Or do you just deserve it all? We can ensure you have not tried it all till you have experienced a day of Epiphany treatments. Allow us to transport you to our world of luxuries. Your day of pampering commences with our unique Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage with lavender and mint infused steam towels, unlike any other Swedish massage you have received, this is just the beginning! What a beautiful addition, our custom Sensational Spa Body Scrub, select your salt, Himalayan, French...what will it be? Your essential oils your highness...geranium, rose,  lemon, lavender? Our Purest Facial On Earth with Rejuvenating Eye Treatment will delight your senses while you drift to another realm, glorious and glowing your skin is fabulous! Floating back now, yet two more hours are still yours! Our talk of the town pedicure and manicure will magically transform your hands and feet with our SpaRitual Manicure & SpaRitual Pedicure. A luscious day that is out of this world! 

Dreams Do Come True...                                    6 1/2 Hours     $470 (see description for savings)

Step into a pocket of loveliness where your whisked away to a day fit for royalty. This fantastic voyage begins with our fabulous Aromatherapy Massage, hot stones and eucalyptus infused steam towels. Dream on to the Purest Facial On Earth and our famous Blueberry Detox Peel, for firm and glowing skin. Relax in our suite as you enjoy an organic lunch to replenish and renew. Nap, snooze, lay...your wish is our command. Your voyage descends into the deepest layers of euphoria when you experience our delicious Lemon Sugar Glow Body Scrub. A smothering of chocolate in our Cocoa Truffle Cocoon,  completes your transformation. Like a beautiful butterfly a new you will emerge. Rose, Lavender and lemon tea warms your heart as we treat your paws to our  SpaRitual Manicure & SpaRitual Pedicure, a fairytale ending of course with chocolate & a gift from our Spa Boutique.....seals this piece of heaven. An unforgettable experience not to be missed...




Cancellation Fee

We select the finest therapists to appoint time for you and we prepare the purest herbs and essential oils we can find, they are custom blended in every treatment for you. We know things come up, however, we ask that you contact us at least 24 hours prior to your appointment if you need to reschedule. We do request a credit card to reserve your appointment time and the full fee will be charged for missed appointments without a 24 hour cancellation notice.



Epiphany Rejuvantion Sanctuary is a dream come true, which allows us to do what we love. We are honored by your patronage. When were awarded with gratuity it inspires us to keep creating magical treatments for you and encourgaes our craft. We are truly grateful for your generosity.

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